Debt collection and purchasing

The activities of Law Office Coin Consult related to debt collection and purchasing focus mainly on debt recovery from debtor entities.
In this regard, we take all necessary out-of-court as well as court action to recover the debt as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
All collection related costs, including stamp duties, lawyers’ fees, etc. are borne by Coin Consult.
The advantage of working with us is that our customers are not burdened with any additional costs.

In case of a failure to reach an out-of-court settlement, we file a lawsuit against the debtor and perform all necessary actions to have a charging order issued and put in place. We launch and carry out enforcement proceedings to enforce the claims.

All legal costs, lawyers’ fees and bailiffs’ fees are borne by Coin Consult. We receive our remuneration only after a debtor has paid their debt.

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