About the company

Law office Coin Consult specializes in debt recovery and provision of legal services to companies.
The team of lawyers and financiers working for our company are vastly experienced in all areas of services provided to our customers.
At Coin Consult we provide legal advice and services to our customers in the areas of commercial, property, inheritance, labour, and administrative law, as well as the law of obligations.
Law office Coin Consult offers collection and purchase of debts both from debtors-natural persons and from debtors-legal entities
Law office Coin Consult carries out registration of sole proprietorships and all various forms of commercial company. We provide also services related to registration of changes in business status and circumstances, conversion and liquidation, registration of business associations, i.e. holdings, consortia, VAT registration, trademark registration.
The company’s policy aims at providing effective services whereas our clients’ evaluation is of prime importance to us.
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